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  • What a play of adventure?

It is a new concept of team game of full air which is practised in walking or with the bicycle, you put a peel of rally-enigmes, powdered with play of track, zesté of a tear of hunting for the treasure and you will obtain a play of adventure standard version. For spacy the whole, There exist other ingredients as the challenges which are integrent for a part of them, in the course of the play of adventure, for example: challenges "shooting with the arc". There are also options such as for example the visit of the Abbey of Fondouce or the intervention of a disguised actor...

  • Which are the objectives of a play of adventure?

To gain and to be the best team, i.e. to report the most points possible, between found indices (solved enigmas) and questions (cultural), points of challenges and classification in time, you will cumulate points; the team which has the most points gains. To discover a diversified environment in a ludic way to foot, à.vélo, in the canoe following version, topic and option. To have fun, divert themselves in team, to oxygenate, be directed, discover an inheritance. PS: For an association, school complex, CLS(H), outdoor centre... on request, we will present to you the teaching objectives of a play of adventure and challenges.

  • In adventure games, there is you various levels ?

Yes, there are various levels of play. These levels correspond to the physical difficulty of the course, like has the difficulty of reflexion of play. A code color makes it possible to identify the level as for the ski pistes.

There are 4 levels of play :


easy => green level
enough easy => Turquoise level
means => Blue level
difficult => red level


  • Which material is provided by team?

We provide 2 specific charts color, 1 compass, 2 plans of play color and 1 pen. 1 door chart fixed on clotheshanger in supplement for a play of adventure bicycle. What is necessary it to make? A Master of play will explain you all before your departure for the adventure. Within play, you will have to solve enigmas with the various forms: text, rebus, riddle, race of orientation, drawing, photograph. Progressively play, the enigmas grow in difficulty. The enigma solved will enable you to find the place or hides the index to be found. All the indices form a sentence in report/ratio with the topic. The indices have sometimes very original sites as in water, on water, in the air, in a cave... .

  • How long Ca lasts ?

The time of play is variable. Of 2h00 at 12 noon following the topic, the number of challenges, options and teams. (It is possible to spread out the play over 2 days). Note: 99% of the participants 2006 did not see time to pass and were trés satisfied with the play the longest duration of play was of 9h00 with 20h00 is one day inter active 11 hours with 38°C with hottest of the day including/understanding 1 challenges, 1 lunched by restoring and 1visite guided.

  • How many participants by team?

From 3 to 8 participants per team (see 10 in particular case).

  • Is the challenges, it what?
The challenges are tests in option which are integrent in the course of play or at the end, they are only on request at a cost varying from 1,5 euros to 6 euros the option by anybody.

We propose 10 challenges which are:

- Fifeu : to make a fire by friction (like the men of prehistory or certain contemporary tribes)

- Tribal poursuite :cultural play which is played at the end of the play of adventure (Mix "question for a champion of France 3" with commonplace parlour game the "continuation" in a version culture saintongeaise)

- Mister magoo : a play of balance and chance (épreuvesà foot and à.vélo)

- VTT relay: 1à 2 VTT by team or all the participants of the equipe must carry out a technical circuit

- The stake of the teams at the end of the play of adventure, the teams clash in 2 tests with the choice: sack race/challenge bandaged eyes/attached challenge/shooting of cord

- Takes: during the play of adventure, you will have taking away to realize, of a flint to a trout

--Vizz : 3 plays of address: "pétanKa" + "bouletout"+ "bienvue"

- Shooting with the arc: 2 shootings of drive per anybody and 10/15 arrows per team

- Shooting with the "propulseur" : 2 shootings of drive per anybody and 10/15 sagaies by team

- Canoëtrophy : to recover the most elements in less possible time using a chart

  • Options with the chart!

- Guided tour of the abbey of fontdouce - Visit of a pottery - Visit of the museum of ceramics - Visit of the museum of the mérine - Visit Of écomusé of the cognac - visit with accompanying notes of wine storehouse pineau-cognac - Visit of Paléosite - visit with accompanying notes of the rock with pierro - guided tour of the village of Saving Saint - disguised Actor, integrated in your play of adventure (énigme/question) - storyteller integrated in your play of adventure (énigme/question) - breakfast - Picnic delicatessen - déjeuner/dîner in restaurant/auberge - To taste - Pots of the end.


  • All with the char

Note the options and challenges which motivate you, then contact us.

  • How to take part in a play of adventure?
At least 20 people should be gathered, which makes 3 to 6 teams (One framing adult by minor group). Contact us. If you are a group of less than 20 people (+ of 10), it is of course possible to play, contact us. If you are not in groups but in individuel(s) or family, you have the possibility of registering you by telephone with the demonstration open to all aventurier according to the calendar 2007:
  • Equipment recommended !

Behaviour sport and shoes adapted to the climate (head covers). Back bag and bottle of water and a portable telephone by team.

  • What gains the best team ?
It is variable according to the selected challenges and the will of (of) the person in charge for group (possibility of podium: 1,2,3 better teams). At least: A diploma of adventurer each one with if you wish it a photograph of the team posted on Internet site louveloss (if you wish a photograph in pulling photo paper or laser impression in a wished format, Contactez us as a preliminary) Safety and responsibility Each major participant is responsible for his person and the damage which it can cause with others. A minor must be accompanied by a responsible adult, to present a parental agreement before the play of adventure or at the beginning of the play.
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