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Guide pedestrian.
Course of orientation in team
Guide VTC
Guide technical VTT
(framing BE recommended)
Guide VTT technique
(encadrement BE obligatoire)
Jeu en VTT avec 2 équipes

2 guides (BE) Patent of state cycling at disposal = 12 people by BE maximum cycling according to the legislation in force.
=>12 people by maximum BE cycling according to the legislation in force.

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Informations :
-We are 2, to see 3 tested guides, of which one is perfectly bilingual English, another speaks English like a Spanish cow, and the last speaks with the hands (not simple in VTT). We joke of course !

- we propose also any activities in the course of ballade to you, like the shooting with the arc framed by an BE, the trout fishing and the shooting of engine.

Mixed example of Ballade in the heart of Saintonge Romance :

Imagine, leaving the morning through wood, practitioner 1 hour of shooting to the arc or other with the turning of a monument, in the heart of a 2000 year old village. To meet a potter of art before descending the valley by ways pressed at all times to the river "Charente", where you will be able to be restored before leaving by canoe or restoring you on a boat restoring with the meeting of a village, of a city, why not until A Saintes or Taillebourg. To discover, visited simply with your guide or a guide approved lecturer, or to take part in a hunting for the treasures where the principal monuments will be commented on by a guide lecturer, to meet a strange monk *... to set out again à.vélo towards the Roman aqueduct gallo, to discover there the 1eres Roman fountains with vase of expension or to quietly roll on the tow paths. To drip (sweetened or salted). the end of aprés midday is close, it east can be the moment to visit a wine storehouse, before dining in an inn or a restaurant in company on a storyteller, an organizer, or (and) on a musician.

restoring boat

*drives out with the treasures organized by the office of tourism the Holy ones : office of tourism thetourism by Saintes : "Treiz'Or de Saintes"

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Pedestrian example of ballade in the valley of the coran :

This valley abounds in atypical corners and recesses to the unexpected charms. Bathed in + of 300 sources, you will sail of paleolithic with the oak of the revolution by approaching the Neolithic era, the gaule, the Roman empire, the Middle Ages. Feel in ways, your guide will lead you to discover monuments of Romanesque architecture, the local economy, the trades of art, the fauna and the flora of this classified and protected valley. Mills in fountains, you will also travel in prehistory and the history, will appreciate various techniques from knowing ancestral (demonstrations). With the turning of a wood of leafy trees, you will have the occasion to visit a pineau-cognac wine storehouse and to taste, why not, the innovation: the semi-sparkling one of blackcurrant (without alcohol). This valley is in limit of bordery (cognac), coupled with the capital of the pineau (burie). In guided tour, you will also have the advisability of discovering the Abbey of Fontdouce located at the heart of a small valley whose luminosity is strange. With the turning of a path, personal anecdotes, tales will be shared, in the peace which characterizes "my" Saintonge. we propose to you peak-screws (delicatessen) or restoring but you can as well, to make your races in the course of ballade (the artisanal products "bio"/do not miss).

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